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ISA V4 product add-ons are available for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center products.


ISA V4 add-ons are now available for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center. Review the details of how ISA can help you support Tivoli Storage Productivity Center and download your free copy of the ISA workbench from the ISA support website. Once the ISA workbench is installed, follow the instructions below to obtain your Tivoli Storage Productivity Center product specific add-ons.

Add-on download/installation steps:

1) Use the update menu to locate new product add-ons->

2) Type "total" into the filter selection box. Expand the Tivoli selection. Check the desired Tivoli Storage Productivity Center product add-ons to install (based upon the levels of Tivoli Storage Productivity Center being used) and choose "next"->

3) Select the Log Analyzer tool and choose "next"->

4) Accept the terms of the license agreement and choose "next"->

5) Choose "finish"->

6) Once the installation completes, choose "finish". Note: The Log Analyzer tool is ~ 90MBs so the download may take a few minutes->

7) Choose "yes" to restart the ISA workbench->

8) Once the ISA workbench as restarted, you can navigate and view product information->


9) Use the ISA workbench and product specific add-on(s) and tooling to facilitate problem determination and service requests with IBM support.

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