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ISA V4 product add-ons are available for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.5


ISA V4 add-ons are now available for Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5. To obtain the add-ons, download and install IBM Support Assistant v4 at no charge. Once the ISA workbench is installed, follow these instructions to obtain the product specific add-on.

NOTE: The current Tivoli Storage Manager ISA add-ons reference Tivoli Storage Manager 5.3 which went EOS on April 30 2008. These add-ons are compatible with Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5.

Add-on download/installation steps:

1) Use the update menu to locate new product add-ons->

2) Type "Tivoli Storage' into the filter selection box. Expand the Tivoli selection. Check the 6 Tivoli Storage Manager product add-ons to install and choose "next"->

3) Select the Log Analyzer tool and choose "next"->

4) Accept the terms of the license agreement and choose "next"->

5) Choose "finish"->

6) Once the installation completes, choose "finish". Note: The Log Analyzer tool is ~ 90MBs so the download may take a few minutes->

7) Choose "yes" to restart the ISA workbench->

8) Once the ISA workbench as restarted, you can navigate and view product information->


8a) Other specific products within the Tivoli Storage Manager family can be selected from the list of installed add-ons

9) Additional options are available under the "Analyze Problem" activity. Specifically, log collection and analysis->


10) Use the ISA workbench and product specific add-on(s) and tooling to facilitate problem determination and service requests with IBM support.

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