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Understanding First-failure support technology (FFST) records

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What is the best way to determine why a First-failure support technology (FFST) record was created?

How can I determine if the FFST is the result of a known defect, or a user error?


WebSphere MQ FFSTs can be raised for many reasons:

FFST can help you:

Examine FFST records
  1. Examine the time and date of the FFST records; you can have many FFSTs. Focus on the most recent FFST, or the one that is closest to the time of the reported problem or outage.
  2. Review the FFST and gather:
    • Probe Id
    • Component
    • Process name or Program name
    • Major error code
  3. Use this information to search for known defects or problems.
  4. Search using just the Probe Id search term, for example: XY324192.
    • If you get no matches, then you might need to contact the support team for assistance.
    • If you get a small number of items found, review the documents to try to find a resolution to your problem.
    • If you get a large number of items found, add another search term and repeat the search.
  5. Add search terms in the order listed above, one at a time. This will help you filter the results, and find a reasonable number of documents to review.
    • One search term is likely to return many matching items, which can be too many to review.
    • Many search terms will return fewer matching items, which can be too few to provide a resolution.

Gather information
  • Probe Id: XY324192
  • Component: GetSubpoolsLock
  • Program Name: runmqsc
  • Major error code: xecF_E_UNEXPECTED_SYSTEM_RC

Search for problem resolution
  1. Search using the Probe Id "XY324192"
  2. Search using the Probe Id and Component "XY324192 GetSubpoolsLock"
  3. Search using the Probe Id, Component, and Program Name "XY324192 GetSubpoolsLock runmqsc"

Note: Search from the WebSphere MQ Support Portal:

Locating WebSphere MQ FFSTs and Dumps

Refer to the following technote for details on your specific platform on how to find the MQ FFST and/or Dumps files:

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