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Does Domino HTTP allow SSL certificates with SubjectAltName?

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Subject Alternative Names, allow ssl certificates to secure the same IP address accessed over different DNS hostnames on the same ssl site certificate.

For example, a SSL certificate could have these values present in the subjectAltName attribute:

Web Browsers will check any alternate names specified in addition to the certificate common name, when performing a certificate security checks. This functionality is addressed on RFC822 and are Extensions of the x.509 certificate.


Unfortunately The Domino Certificate Authority does not have a mechanism to generate certificates with these type of x.509 extensions, and similarly is unable to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) that identifies a SubjectAltName.

However some Certificate Authorities allow you to specify the SubjectAltName after creating the certificate request. This allows you to add the Subject Alternative Names outside of generating a CSR

Resolving the problem

A certificate from a third party CA containing SubjectAltName can be successfully merged into a domino kyr keyfile using the Server Certificate Admin database. This allows domino to use a certificate implementing alternative DNS names, granted they are signed by a third party certificate authority.

SPR # JLBS6BFLHF has been created as an enhancement request to develop mechanisms within Domino to better support these x.509 certificate extensions.

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