Recovering from a faulty theme on WebSphere Portal 6.1

Technote (troubleshooting)


If the portal server is configured to use a theme that contains errors, the affected portal pages might not display or might display incorrectly. To avoid this problem, be sure to test and debug a theme before it is used on the portal.

Resolving the problem

If a faulty theme is installed, perform the following procedure to remove it from the system:

1. Stop WebSphere Portal.
2. Delete the subdirectory for the faulty theme. The root directory for themes is located in the WebSphere Application Server directory.

  • Windows/Linux: was_profile_root/installedApps/cellname/wps.ear/wps.war/themes/
  • i5/OS: portal_server_root_user/installedApps/cellname/wps.ear/wps.war/themes/
The themes folder contains a subdirectory for each markup type. The faulty theme would be in a folder below one of the markup-type subdirectories.
3. Start WebSphere Portal.
4. Log in to the portal as administrator.
5. Click Administration.
6. Click Portal User Interface.
7. Click Themes and Skins.
8. Delete the faulty theme.

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