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Setting up Equals (='s) processing for User Profile Variables on WAI

Technote (troubleshooting)


In order to use ='s processing on Web Access for Information Management for z/OS (WAI), you need to setup User Profile Variables

Resolving the problem

You can setup ='s processing using the following steps:
The API supports the same = sign variables that 3270 does when
the control PDB equal_sign_processing is set to 'YES'.

Web Access does utilize equal_sign_processing for create and update
transactions for things like dates and times.

1. Updated the source for alias table BLQYEQUA, called BLQYEQUS, and added:


BLQYEQUS is in BLQ.V1R2M0.SBLMSAMP and the actual table is in BLQ.V1R2M0.SBLMFMT.

2. Run BLGUT8 against BLQYEQUS to build BLQYEQUA. Direct the output to your user RFT
data set. The RFT data set must be in BLQPARMS on an RFTDD directive.

The RFT data set must be in BLQPARMS on an RFTDD directive. For example, in BLQPARMS, you could have:

rft_dsname BLQ.V1R2M0.SBLMFMT
rft_dsname BLM7.V7R1M0.SBLMFMT

You could place your modified BLQYEQUA into BLQ.USER.SBLMFMT.

3. For Incident records, modified DAR BLQ&ASAB and changed it to 1 1 WORDS and not string. Also update the dictionary and add:

8F24 Z1/ =ZIP
8F25 Z2/ NNV4

Then in the DAR (data attribute record), add the following:



USE....Enter a list of validation data.
FORM...Valid response, maximum of 30 characters for validation entry.

Prefix Prefix Validation Validation Entry Group Auth
Index Word Pattern Entry Description Prefix Code
'''' 8F24 Z1/___ =ZIP_____ ________________ _________________ _ ____
'''' 8F25 Z2/___ NNV4_____ ________________ _________________ _ ____

4. Rebuild your incident HTML, make sure your profile has a zip code in it, and then you are able to specify an equal sign in the 'Action taken' field of an incident record during create and get your zip code
automatically filled in.

Piece of cake... ;-)

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Web Access for Information Management

Software version: 1.2

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1303113

Modified date: 31 December 2014