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Various desktop policy settings pushed to Notes clients after Domino Directory template (pubnames.ntf) is upgraded to 8.0 or 8.0.1

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If you edit an existing Desktop Settings document after upgrading the design of your Domino Directory to 8.0.x, various desktop policy settings may be unexpectedly pushed to Notes clients. Usually this issue becomes evident only after users report one or more of the following symptoms:

-- unexpected changes to replication schedules
-- encryption of saved/sent mail
-- scan unread messages is turned on
-- using Smart Upgrade, an explicit policy configured for a single user impacts several users


This behavior is triggered if an agent invokes a save of a 8.0.x Desktop Settings document. Specifically, (1) there are temporary fields that do not get stripped when the save is invoked via an agent, and (2) there are hidden fields used by the policy engine that do not get created when the save is invoked via an agent.

NOTE: The release 8 template code is designed to strip temporary fields before saving notes to disk; however, there have been some reports that saving the Desktop Settings document through the template interface also leads to the problem. To date, IBM has been unable to reproduce that behavior.

Resolving the problem

If you have not upgraded the Domino Directory design, you should upgrade it to pubnames.ntf version 8.0.2, which contains a fix for this issue (details below).

SPR# JRED7CFVYH was created to track behavior of new settings being pushed to clients after a Desktop Settings document is modified following the Domino Directory design being upgraded to 8.0 or 8.0.1. This issue has been fixed in the 8.0.2 version pubnames.ntf, which was modified to account for pre-release 8 Desktop Settings documents.

    It has been determined that similar behavior may occur if you run "@Command([ToolsRefreshSelectedDocs])" (for example, via a SmartIcon) against policy settings documents. SPR# PBAO7VNCN4 has been opened for that specific issue.

If you upgraded the Domino Directory design but have not encountered the issue, you can avoid it by not programmatically saving Policy Settings documents.

If your goal is to force policies to be pushed to clients, you can best accomplish this by manually modifying a single Policy Settings document. Doing this will cause the $Policies view to be updated and policies to be pushed down to the clients.

If you have encountered the issue, use one of the following methods to recover.
  • Edit your Policy Settings documents using a Notes client and re-save them. This will clean up the documents properly. Note that while this will fix the Settings documents, clients may still exhibit the incorrect behavior if they have already applied the previous settings. To fix this, you should explicitly reset the desired settings to the appropriate values.

  • Additionally, the following modifications should be made to the Domino Directory template to resolve the problems with replication settings (as described in SPR RREN79SP2A).

This zip file contains the corrected Domino directory template (pubnames.ntf) for Domino versions 8.0 and 8.0.1. The template provided in the zip file can be used to help resolve this issue, or you can manually make the updates to your own template by following the instructions below.

NOTE: If your Domino Directory template has been customized, it is recommended that you make the changes manually instead of using the template provided in the zip file.

The following are the instructions to modify the Domino directory template.
  1. Using Domino Designer, open the script library named "PolicyManagement."

  2. The following code is necessary in the Declarations section of the PolicyManagement script library:

    Type tDNCEntry
    sFieldName As String
    sFieldVal As String
    End Type

  3. Replace the code in the subroutine PolSetQueryOpen with the code in the .txt file for your specific Domino version:

  4. Replace the code in the subroutine ComputeHAItemList with the code in the .txt file.

This completes the code changes necessary to prevent the policy setting values from erroneously being pushed down when "Don't set value" has been selected.

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