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Configuring data element depth for impact analysis



IBM® WebSphere® Studio Asset Analyzer V5.1 provides a new configurable impact analysis setting for the analysis depth of data elements.


This is a configurable impact analysis improvement. Previous “versions” of WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer have not differentiated between the depth of analysis of data elements and the level of analysis of the impact analysis in general. Going forward, this differentiation can be made, but must be configured.
By configuring the depth of impacts on data elements (instead of using IA level for the depth of data element analysis) you can:
- differentiate between the general level of impact analysis and the depth of analysis of data elements.
- analyze data elements completely, even if the general level of IA is limited.
- not limit the general level of their impact analysis, and limit the analysis of impacted data elements
This makes it easier to explain and adjust impact analysis constraints to meet user requirements. Since this same PTF has the data caching improvement implemented, long running analyses will better handle deeper analysis of data element impact traversals. And if you choose to reduce impacts by configuring multiIncomingImpacts to be false, then analysis will be better suited to deal with long running analysis of deep data element traversal.

By not changing anything, you will continue to use analysis level specified in the IA Wizard as the data element depth, as was implemented in the past. The results will be that the depth of Data Element impact traversal will continue to match the level set by the user for the IA; the max being 100 levels, when IA is "unlimited".
You will continue to get potentially incomplete analysis of high usage data elements. By continuing to use the same value for the general impact analysis level and the depth of data element analysis, impact analysis will remain consistent with previous impact analysis runs, however it will remain difficult to explain the incomplete results that may be produced.

Configurable in wsaa-impact-analysis.xml:
Parameter: DEDepthLimit: depth of data element traversal (0 indicates no limit, -1 indicates use IA level for limit, values greater than 0 indicate maximum data element impact traversal depth)
Default: -1

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Software version: 5.1

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Modified date: 25 February 2009