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Can I run IBM Content Manager for iSeries V5.3 and Workfolder Application Facility (WAF) on my i V7.1, V7.2 or V7.3 system?

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Can I run IBM® Content Manager for iSeries® 5.3 and Workfolder Application Facility (WAF) on my IBM i system running V7.1, V7.2 or V7,3? If I do, then the CM for iSeries Licensed Program Product will not be at the same level as my operating system. Is this supported?


Yes, Content Manager for iSeries Version 5 Release 3 (V5.3) is supported for use on IBM i V7.1, V7.2 and V7,3 (5770-SS1). This includes support for the ImagePlus® Workfolder Application Facility (WAF). See also Technote #1292254.

For additional information and installation planning, refer to the document Read this first for IBM DB2 Content Manager for iSeries Version 5 Release 3 (see related information link, below). See also the link in the "Related information" section below if you use QDLS for any of your WAF object directories.

Per Announcement Letter 916-117, IBM Content Manager for iSeries, and thereby WAF, will go out of support on September 30, 2018.

If this information does not address your question, contact IBM software support for further assistance.

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Read this first for CM for iSeries V5.3
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More support for: Content Manager for iSeries

Software version: 5.3

Operating system(s): IBM i

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Modified date: 01 February 2011

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