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Can I run IBM Content Manager for iSeries V5.3 and Workfolder Application Facility (WAF) on my i V7.1, V7.2 or V7.3 system?

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Can I run IBM® Content Manager for iSeries® 5.3 and Workfolder Application Facility (WAF) on my IBM i system running V7.1, V7.2 or V7,3? If I do, then the CM for iSeries Licensed Program Product will not be at the same level as my operating system. Is this supported?


Yes, Content Manager for iSeries Version 5 Release 3 (V5.3) is supported for use on IBM i V7.1, V7.2 and V7,3 (5770-SS1). This includes support for the ImagePlus® Workfolder Application Facility (WAF). See also Technote #1292254.

For additional information and installation planning, refer to the document Read this first for IBM DB2 Content Manager for iSeries Version 5 Release 3 (see related information link, below). See also the link in the "Related information" section below if you use QDLS for any of your WAF object directories.

Per Announcement Letter 916-117, IBM Content Manager for iSeries, and thereby WAF, will go out of support on September 30, 2018. Furthermore, the product will not be supported on any future releases of IBM i operating system beyond V7.3. 

If this information does not address your question, contact IBM software support for further assistance.

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More support for: Content Manager for iSeries

Software version: 5.3

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Modified date: 01 February 2011

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