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How can Domino add a standard disclaimer to outbound SMTP messages?

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How can the Domino server add a standard disclaimer to outbound SMTP messages?


In Domino, the functionality of adding a standard disclaimer to outbound SMTP messages is available.
Message disclaimers can be enabled by (1) the Lotus Notes client; (2) by Lotus Domino server, or (3) by both the client and the server. The general recommendation is that you enable the Lotus Notes client to add the disclaimer because this reduces the overhead on the Domino server. If you enable message disclaimers on the server, then the router task adds the disclaimer. There may be times, however, when you prefer to have the Domino server add the disclaimer instead of the Notes client.

Domino does not add message disclaimers to inbound SMTP messages. Instead, Domino adds disclaimers to outbound SMTP messages.

Note: To set up and enable message disclaimers, it is advisable that you are familiar with creating Policy documents and Policy Settings documents.

To set up message disclaimers to be added by the Domino server:

1. Create an Organizational Policy document, or use an existing Organization Policy document.

An Organizational Policy automatically applies to all users registered in a particular organization and the organizational units within that organization. For example, to distribute a disclaimer to be added to Internet-addressed messages sent by users registered in the Acme organization, create a Policy document named */Acme, and select Organizational in the "Policy type" field.

Note: The Organizational Policy name must contain the name of the organization that it applies to.

2) Create a Mail Settings document, or use an existing Mail Settings document. To create a new Mail Settings document, click the "New" button to the right of the Setting Type named "Mail."

Type a name for the document in the Basics tab's "Name" field. Do not include a carriage return in the name. Optionally, type a description for the document in the "Description" field.

In the Mail, Message Disclaimers tab, enter text or HTML in the "Disclaimer text" field. This entry is the disclaimer that will be added to your messages.

If you want only the Domino server to add disclaimers and not the Notes client, disable the “The Notes client can add disclaimer” field if it is not already disabled; otherwise, enable this field.

Save and close the Mail Settings document, and select it in the Policy document's "Setting Name" field. Save and close the Policy document.

3) The Administration Process (AdminP) task processes these settings. By default, AdminP runs every twelve hours; therefore, changes do not take effect until the next time AdminP runs. You can force AdminP to process new mail policy information, by typing the following command at the Domino Console:

tell adminp process mailpolicy

4) Enable the "Message disclaimers" field in the Configuration Settings document's Router/SMTP, Message Disclaimers tab.

Note: You can enable or disable the "Add disclaimer to S/MIME signed or encrypted messages" option. If you want to add message disclaimers to S/MIME or encrypted messages, it is recommended that you have the Notes client add the disclaimer. The Notes client adds the message disclaimer before signing or encrypting the messages. If the Domino server adds the disclaimer to a signed or encrypted message, the recipient of the message may not be able to decrypt the message or verify the electronic signature. If the Domino server adds the message disclaimer, you also have the ability to increase the logging level to assist in troubleshooting.

5) Run the following command at the Domino Console:

tell router update config

Note: In some cases, local recipients may receive the disclaimer, such as local users who have Prefers MIME in the "Format preference for incoming mail" field of their Person documents' Basics tab. Local Notes users who store messages as Prefers Notes Rich Text will not receive the disclaimer. When a Notes user sends a message to users who store messages in different formats, the message is split into two messages: one message for Notes users who store their messages as Prefers Notes Rich Text, and the other message for all other users.

For additional information, refer to Domino Administrator Help, for topics such as:

- Setting up and using message disclaimers
- Creating a mail policy settings document
- Configuration settings document - Router/SMTP Message Disclaimers tab
For iNotes/DWA considerations/setup:
- Adding a disclaimer for outgoing messages.

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