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ANS1977E CadSchedName registry value is empty

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Tivoli Storage Manager Client Acceptor fails to start.


ANS1977E Dsmcad schedule invocation was unsuccessful. This command will be tried again in 10 minutes. Error starting schedule service: CadSchedName registry value is empty


The value for the cadSchedName is blank in the registry.



Resolving the problem

To fix the error, uninstall/remove the dsmcad service and reinstall it; be sure to specify the name of the scheduler service that will be managed by the dsmcad:

1. Using a windows command prompt navigate to the baclient directory.

2. To remove the dsmcad service issue:
dsmcutil remove /name:”<yourCadName>”

3. To reinstall the dsmcad service issue:
dsmcutil install cad /name:<yourCadName> /node:<node> /password:<pswd> /autostart:yes /startnow:yes /optfile:”<path_to_opt_file” /cadschedname:”<SchedName>”
For example:
dsmcutil install cad /name:"TSM Client Acceptor" /node:TRISHACLUSTER /password:******* /autostart:yes /startnow:yes /optfile:”e:\dsm.opt” /cadschedname:”TSM Schedule Keywest

4. From the following registry key the value of CadSchedName should no longer be blank:
(Replace <yourClientAcceptor> for the name of your client acceptor)

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