Federation High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) Support

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Clarification of Federation HADR support and configurations for DB2 and Federation Server.


The scope of Federation HADR support depends on the HADR configuration types and the db2_two_phase_commit server option settings for the federated data source. A data source that activates the server option db2_two_phase_commit is a federated two-phase commit data source.

Configuration 1: HADR on the DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows data source:

In configuration 1, the federated system provides full support for both federated one-phase commit (F1PC) data sources and federated two-phase commit (F2PC) data sources.

Configuration 2: HADR on the WebSphere Federation Server:

In configuration 2, the federated system provides full support for F1PC data sources. We do not recommend HADR on the WebSphere Federation Server configuration if the user applications use F2PC data sources. User applications might experience problems in HADR takeover processing for both read-only transactions and update transactions if the HADR primary becomes unavailable during the timing window of federated two-phase commit processing.

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