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NPM without NetView for z/OS installed

Technote (FAQ)


NetView Performance Monitor will run without NetView for z/OS. Certain functions will not be available however.


NPM is a totally independent product from NetView for z/OS. It has the capability of running independently of that product. There are two areas, however, that will have limited function.
1. NPM has the capability to generate alerts when monitor's are set for the various collection commands. These require NetView for z/OS to process them however. Therefore, the option to create and send alerts to NetView will not be available. This requires that ALERT=NO, in the NPM initialization statement in FNMINIT, be set. (ALERT=NO is the default value.)

2. Without NetView for z/OS installed in the same LPAR with NPM. NPM will not have the ability to collect RTM data since it is obtained by intercepting the RTM data generated by NetView. Therefore, NPM type 28 records, subtypes 48-52. (x'30'-x'34') will not be available. Neither will NPMs RTM related reports.

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More support for: Tivoli NetView Performance Monitor

Software version: 2.7

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1296065

Modified date: 2015-10-14