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This document contains the ReadMe file with installation instructions for Lotus EasySync Pro® release 4.2.6.


A) About this release
B) Installation requirements
C) Getting started with EasySync Pro 4.2.6
D) Updates, limitations and known problems
E) Contacting IBM Lotus Software Support
F) Trademarks

A. About this release
To stay productive while away from your desk, you need the same quick access to your business-critical Lotus Notes personal information as when you're sitting in front of your computer. Also, you need a way to easily and conveniently take your Notes information with you, and a way to quickly synchronize your desktop and personal digital assistant (PDA) data. With EasySync Pro 4.2.6, you can stay on top of your business and stay connected to your employees, co-workers, customers, and suppliers.

EasySync Pro 4.2.6 lets you:

    -- Synchronize your Notes e-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, and journal information between Notes and market-leading PDAs.

    -- Access your most critical Notes-based information anywhere, without the need to carry a laptop.

    -- Conveniently capture new information about meetings and contacts, even compose and manage e-mail, while away from your PC.

    -- Delete items on your PDA and sync those deletions back to Notes.

B. Installation requirements
    1. Platform/system requirements
      Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
      Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1
      Microsoft Windows Vista
      Microsoft Windows 7

    IBM PC compatible computer Pentium, or higher

    RAM as specified by the Windows operating system

    80 MB free hard disk space

    Mobile device and appropriate connectivity hardware

    2. Software requirements

    Mobile devices supported (software required to use device, please verify version requirements per device)

      Microsoft Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 devices (ActiveSync)

      Microsoft Smartphone Mobile 5.0/6.0 devices (ActiveSync)

      Palm O/S platform devices (HotSync)

      Sony Ericsson Smartphones (Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Smartphones 1.3.22 or later)

      Sony Ericsson IrMC Phones (Sony Ericsson PC Suite 2.10)

      Nokia PC Sync enabled phones (Nokia PC Suite or later)

      NOTE 1: Smartphone (2002) and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone are NOT supported

      NOTE 2: Windows Vista uses Windows Mobile Device Center instead of ActiveSync

    PC applications supported
      Notes versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

C. Getting started with EasySync Pro 4.2.6

I m portant: Before you install EasySync Pro, please confirm that the mobile device is connected to the PC and the vendor-supplied software is installed and functioning correctly, including the synchronization software.

If you are installing EasySync Pro for the first time
    For Palm OS Devices:
    Confirm that the HotSync Manager is running and available in the system tray.

    If you have any problems or questions about whether the HotSync software is operating correctly, please contact your device manufacturer or Palm Software Support.

    After you have confirmed that your device is communicating with your PC, you can proceed to install EasySync Pro.

    For Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone Devices:
    Confirm that Microsoft ActiveSync is running and available in the system tray (unless running with Windows Vista, confirm that Mobile Device Center is running and available).

    If you have any problems or questions about whether the ActiveSync software is operating correctly, please contact your device manufacturer or Microsoft Software Support.

    After you have confirmed that your device is communicating with your PC, you can proceed to install EasySync Pro.

    For Sony Ericsson Devices:
    Confirm that Sony Ericsson PC Suite is running and available in the system tray.

    If you have any problems or question about whether PC Suite is operating correctly, please contact your device manufacturer or Sony Ericsson Software Support.

    After you have confirmed that your device is communicating with your PC, you can proceed to install EasySync Pro.

    For Nokia Devices:
    Confirm that Nokia PC Suite (or later) is running and available in the system tray.

    If you have any problems or question about whether PC Suite (or later) is operating correctly, please contact your device manufacturer or Nokia Software Support.

    After you have confirmed that your device is communicating with your PC, you can proceed to install EasySync Pro.


    1. Run setup.exe.

    2. At the Welcome screen, click Next and after reading the License Agreement, click ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and click Next.

    3. Select where you would like to install the files and click Next.

    4. Click Install to begin the installation.

    5. Once installation has completed successfully, click Finish to exit the wizard.

    6. From the Windows taskbar, start EasySync Pro.

    7. Create a New Profile for Synchronization.

    During installation, EasySync Pro will use the Notes Client information in the notes.ini file on the PC to populate the data sources to be synchronized. In particular, it will use the mail file information from the Location setting in the notes.ini. This Location setting will be the most recent (current) location used in Notes. If you are unsure of whether the data sources are correct, follow the directions below after installation to verify data sources.

    Verifying Data Sources:

    1. In EasySync Pro, choose Tools --> Settings --> Data Sources tab. Choose a data source from the panel on the left (for example, the Notes Address Book).

    2. The Current File/Folder Name field should specify the database name and location for this data source or say <Default>. If it is blank or does not specify the Notes data source that you want to use, click Change and browse to the correct server and database. This action is very similar to the File --> Database --> Open function in Notes.

    3. Click OK if you make changes or Cancel if not. TIP: Have the Notes client open and select the Location --> Edit Current… from the toolbar at the bottom to verify the current settings for the location of the mail file (Local vs. On Server). Configure the settings in EasySync Pro accordingly.

    What To Sync?
    If you prefer to synchronize only portions of your Notes information, you may do so by selecting the Available Items located in the Tools --> Settings menu option. In this window, uncheck the items that you are not interested in synchronizing.

    For example, if you only want your Notes Calendar and Notes Address Book (Contacts), then uncheck Tasks (ToDo List), Mail, and Notes (Notes Journal).

    Please be aware that you cannot sync data from similar conduits in addition to Notes. For example, once you choose to use EasySync Pro to sync your Notes calendar, you are not able to sync with another calendar application, such as the Palm Desktop calendar.
Initial Synchronization:
    How to synchronize
    You can start the synchronization software in different ways:
      -- From the Start menu, click Programs and select the synchronization program to restore the program’s main window.

      -- From the system tray application, if available:
        * Left-click and the program’s main window will restore.
        * Right-click and you can choose an instant operation such as Synchronize.
    Once the program's main window is open, you can start synchronization by either choosing Synchronize from the File menu or by pressing the Synchronize button on the toolbar.

    Full synchronization
    When synchronization is executed for the first time, the software executes a Full Synchronization. With Full Synchronization, the software tries to match each entry on the mobile device to each entry in the PIM. When an exact match is found, those two entries are identified as the same.

    To make an exact match, the two entries must be identical down to the punctuation in the description fields.

    When you synchronize for the first time, you are given three options for each data source you select to synchronize:
      -- Replace mobile device records with PIM application records.
      -- Replace PIM application records with mobile device records.
      -- Combine both mobile device and PIM application records (may result in duplicate records).
    If your PIM or your device already contains all the information you need, Product Development recommends that you reset (or clear) all the data on the other side so that all records are sent to the other device.

    However, if you have incomplete data on both devices, you should choose to copy data in both directions. Full Synchronization looks for exact matches. If the mobile device and the PIM both have similar, yet not exact data, you might receive two entries for the same record. For example, if you have John Smith as a contact in your PIM and John S. Smith as a contact in your device, you will have two entries when synchronization completes: one for John Smith and another for John S. Smith.

    You can prevent duplicate entries if you choose to replace records from one side or the other. For example, if you want the PIM to take precedence over your mobile device data because the PIM contains your most up-to-date records, simply select to replace the mobile device records. Selecting this option will delete all records from your mobile device and send all your PIM records to your mobile device, making both your PIM and your mobile device "in sync."

    If you choose to do a full synchronization that replaces the records in your PIM with the records in your mobile device, all records in your PIM will be erased and replaced with the contact, calendar, and task items on your mobile device. Keep in mind that filters, field-truncation lengths, recurrence exceptions, field mappings and so on, can all cause less information to be on the mobile device than is in the PIM.

D. Updates, limitations and known problems
    What's new in EasySync Pro 4.2.6?
    EasySync Pro 4.2.6 adds:
      -- Support for Sony Ericsson Phones
      -- Support for Nokia phones
      -- Support for all Windows Mobile 6.0 devices
      -- Support for Notes 8.x versions
      -- Performance improvements for faster synchronization
      -- Support for new languages: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese
      -- Windows Mobile Privileged Security Model support for secure and simple installations
      -- Fixes for problems reported against previous releases

    Troubleshooting problems with EasySync Pro 4.2.6

    General troubleshooting
    The synchronization software can be used with a wide variety of PIMs and devices. Depending on the environment, problems can occur as a result of installation errors, data errors, or system errors. See below for general troubleshooting issues that can occur:

    * Unable to run the software.
    If you are unable to run the software, most likely the installation did not complete normally. Please install the synchronization software again.

    * Unable to synchronize.
    If you are able to run the synchronization software, but are unable to synchronize, verify the Data Sources settings. Next, check the settings for your synchronization profile to confirm that the translators are configured properly. Finally, if synchronizing with a mobile device, verify the device is connected to the PC properly.

    * Some data isn't being synchronized.
    Check the filter settings. Certain date filters are already set by default when you install the software. If you prefer to synchronize data within a different date-filter range, please check the filter settings, make any necessary changes, and then synchronize again.

    * ERROR: "Synchronization completed (with one or more errors)."
    Something happened during synchronization and one or more errors were encountered. This message generally follows a different or additional message. Select to synchronize again to force a Full Synchronization. (From the Synchronization Settings screen, select Settings --> select the checkbox in General Settings.) If you continue to get this message, contact Product Support.

    * Some data is lost or truncated after synchronization.
    When performing synchronization, some data fields may be truncated or ignored based on the capabilities of the device and/or the mapping settings of the synchronization profile. For example, if an appointment in a PIM that contains a 400 character note is synchronized with a device that can only support note lengths of 150 characters, the note field will appear truncated in the phone. It is also important to understand that synchronization affects all mapped fields in the affected record. This means that if a field is truncated as in the previous example and the record is modified on the device with limited capabilities, when this change is synchronized back to the PIM, the note on the appointment will be the truncated version even if the note field was not specifically edited or modified by the user.

    * "Unknown error" received during synchronization.
    If you receive an "Unknown error" during synchronization, please create a log file to send to Product Support.

E. Contacting Product Software Support
For more information about EasySync Pro 4.2.6 or for troubleshooting assistance, please use the Online Help database provided with this product or visit Product Support on the web.

When contacting EasySync Pro Product Support, please have the following information available:

-- EasySync Pro version (to find your version of EasySync Pro, on the main sync screen, click Help --> About).
-- EasySync Pro product ID (to view information, on the main sync screen, click Help --> About).
-- Mobile device (for example, Palm OS 5.4).
-- Notes version.
-- Specific error and problem description.

F. Trademarks
Licensed Materials-Property of IBM. L-MDRS-78XL7R
© Copyright IBM Corporation 1999, 2008
All Rights Reserved.
IBM, the IBM logo, EasySync and Lotus are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. This Program is licensed under the terms of the license agreement accompanying the Program. This license agreement may be either located in a Program directory folder or library identified as "License" or "Non IBM License", if applicable, or provided as a printed license agreement. Please read this agreement carefully before using the Program. By using the Program, you agree to these terms."

The International Program License Agreement displays during the installation process in the same language version as the local operating system on which EasySync Pro is installed, or English if the local language is not available. All of the language versions of the License Agreements are located in the license.txt file in the program directory.

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