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Recommended Base Software Stack for InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse D5100 for Linux



This document describes the current software and firmware stack recommended for the InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse D5100 for Linux.


The recommendations are based on a philosophy that stability in the InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse takes precedence over functionality and performance. This document provides supplemental information, corrections, and clarifications to the documentation at the IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse download site.

Balanced Warehouse Support strongly recommends that you remain on a recommended software and firmware stack for a Balanced Warehouse environment. If you must deviate from a recommended stack, consult the FAQ about software and firmware upgrades.

For information about past recommended software stacks, consult the version history of the recommended base software stack.

Current Recommended Software and Firmware Stack

Software (Feb 13, 2013)

  • 64 bit SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 4 with kernel + patch openssl 8112
      Download the openSSL 8112 patch for SLES 10 SP4 to fix known security issues with OpenSSL. The download page lists a summary of the components that are updated with the patch.
  • For a V9.7-based stack:
    • InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3
    • DB2 Enterprise Server Edition Version 9.7 Fix Pack 7
  • IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms Version
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2.1
  • DS3000 Storage Manager 10.70
  • IBM Remote Support Manager for Storage 2.7.2
  • DB2 Performance Expert 3.2.3

Fir m ware (Oct 5, 2011)
Category Description Version (D5100 with x3655) Version (D5100 with x3650) Version (D5100 with x3650 M2)
Server BMC 1.07 1.47 N/A
BIOS 1.05 1.17 N/A
IMM N/A N/A 1.27
UEFI N/A N/A 1.11
Networking Broadcom NetXtreme II firmware update utility 2.1.7a 2.1.7a 2.1.7a
Broadcom bnx2 driver 2.0.18 -- (1) 2.0.18 -- (1) 2.0.18 -- (1)
Network e1000 driver -- (1) -- (1) -- (1)
Network e1000e driver 1.2.17 -- (1) 1.2.17 -- (1) 1.2.17 -- (1)
Internal storage ServeRAID-8k and 8k-l firmware and BIOS 5.2.0(15432) 5.2.0(15432) N/A
ServeRAID 8i,8k,8k-1,8s controller driver 1.1-5(24701) 1.1-5(24701) N/A
ServeRAID-MR10i firmware and BIOS N/A N/A 11.0.1-0042
ServeRAID-MR10i driver N/A N/A
SAS/SATA hard disk drive update program 1.04 1.04 1.06
External storage DS3000 controller / NVSRAM
RDAC driver 09.03.0C05.0504 09.03.0C05.0504 09.03.0C05.0504
QLogic driver -- (1) -- (1) -- (1)
QLogic firmware 5.03.09 5.03.09 5.03.09
Switches SMC 8848M switch firmware
IBM TotalStorage SAN firmware 6.4.1a 6.4.1a 6.4.1a
(1) -- These levels of the Broadcom, e1000, e1000e, and QLogic drivers all ship with SLES10 SP4.

Current Documentation
  • IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse D5100: Design and Implementation Guide
    - 05 refresh (Jan 2010)
  • IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse D5100: User Guide
    - 03 refresh (Oct 2009)
  • IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse D5100: Update Guide
    - 02 refresh (June 2010)

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Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management DB2 for Linux- UNIX and Windows Linux 9.7 Enterprise Server

Product Alias/Synonym

IBM Smart Analytics System
InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse
Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU)

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More support for: InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse
Balanced Warehouse D Class - D5100

Software version: 9.7

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: Enterprise Server

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Modified date: 13 February 2013

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