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TWS and DWC data gathering scripts



How can comprehensive troubleshooting data for IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS) and its components be gathered and made available to IBM Support?


Download the zip file or Unix shell script attached below, extract the contents, execute the script on the machine with the TWS instance and upload to the support file server using one of four available methods.

Gathering the data:

UNIX Usage: -twsuser <tws_user>

Optional flags:
[-twsdir <path>] [-date <yyyymmdd>] [-outdir <path> | -log_dir_base <path>] [-nodbdefs] [-nowas] [-db2support] [-debug] [-u]

NOTE: Launch the script as the TWSUser unless otherwise instructed by TWS support.
NOTE: The UNIX version requires only one flag and argument: -twsuser <user>

Windows:  Utilize tws_inst_pull_info.cmd that is delivered with the TWS instance.

UPLOAD to TWS Support using one of the following four methods:

1. EMAIL: If the file to send is less than 10 MB in size, send as an attachment to an email to with the PMR number in the subject line.

For example:
Subject: PMR 12345,BBB,CCC

- or if the file to send is greater than 10 MB in size

2. IBM SR (Service Request): Access the SR Tool

- or -

3. Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep): Access the Ecurep Secure Upload tool

- or -

4. FTP: to
Rename the file to send to the PMR number. For example:
# mv TWS_20100202_098433.tar.Z 12345.BBB.CCC.tar.Z
# ftp
username: anonymous
password: <email>
ftp> cd /toibm/tivoli
ftp> bin
ftp> put 12345.BBB.CCC.tar.Z
12345 = First five digits of the PMR number.
BBB = Branch value
CCC = Country code (US code is 000)


UNIX Sample Usage: -twsuser m94 -twsuser maestro -outdir /tmp/maestro_tmp -twsuser fta92 -twsdir ~fta92/TWA/TWS -twsuser any -twsdir /opt/IBM/TWAUI/TDWC -twsuser m86 -twsdir /home/m84 -db2support -nodbdefs -twsuser m92_dwc

UNIX Required Flag:
-twsuser <tws_user>
Specify the userid for which TWS or TDWC was installed
*Note: The -twsuser value is tested against the value for EWas_user in /etc/TWA/*properties files.

UNIX Optional flags:

If the script does not successfully detect the TWS or TDWC installation home then you will be instructed to us the -twsdir flag. Specify the full path to the location to which a TWS or TDWC instance was installed. For versions later than 8.4 the last directory in the path should be either TWS or TDWC.
-twsdir /home/m86/TWA/TWS
-twsdir /home/tdwc86/TDWC
-twsdir /opt/IBM/TWA/TWS
-twsdir /opt/IBM/TWAUI/TDWC

-date <yyyymmdd>
To capture TWS files and logs from yyyymmdd and the day prior. If not specified, files from today and yesterday will be gathered.
-outdir <path> | -log_dir_base <path>
Output writes to /tmp/tws_info by default. If another location is desired specify the full path to that location. The executing user must have write access to the parent of the directory specified. If the directory does not exist it will be created by the script. If the executing user does not have write access to the default output directory or the specified directory the script will return the failure information.
To prevent composer create actions. Use this if TWS object definitions are not needed.
To prevent WebSphere files and logs from being gathered.
To gather db2 trace information which includes db2diag.log contained in a file named
To give verbose output. Redirect the output using: > file.out 2>&1
Usage. tws_inst_pull_info_v94_README.txttws_inst_pull_info_v94_README.txt

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More support for: IBM Workload Scheduler

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Software version: 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Platform Independent, Solaris

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Modified date: 21 February 2019