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Cannot list orderitems for an Order in Sales Center

Technote (troubleshooting)


After you find an order in Sales Center, you notice you are unable to list the order items for any order, regardless of their number. The client seems to hang indefinitely. Also, you could see Out of Memory conditions, or threads being declared as hung once the transaction time-out expires (typically 20 minutes).


If the catalog configuration includes lots of merchandising associations, it is important to have all the catalog information for all indirect levels of associations to be retrieved in order for the order items are to be displayed. This can be a large amount of data for a single transaction.

To enable BOD tracing, see this link:

Diagnosing the problem

When you enable BOD tracing, you can see that the last request made from Sales Center to the server was wc.GetElectronicCatalog, but no definitive response about BOD ever being received, in particular the wc.ShowElectronicCatalog.xml from the server.

Resolving the problem

Contact WebSphere Commerce Support for APAR IZ14476. This changes the logic so that only the direct merchandising associations are retrieved , and no longer the second and third (and so on) levels of associations for the order items.

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Software version: 6.0

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Modified date: 18 February 2015

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