SQL error 30081n thrown during WMB database request

Technote (troubleshooting)


Your WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) message flow fails to connect to your DB2 database during normal processing due to too many connections being opened at one time.


The database contains an improper loopback connection or catalogue.

Diagnosing the problem

When your message flow that produces this error is running, a large number (more than a hundred) of DB2 agents are also running.

Resolving the problem

First, check that the loopback connection is set up correctly.

  1. DB2COMM must be set to TCPIP. You can check this setting by using the DB2SET command.
  2. SVCENAME must be set to the name of a service that exists in '/etc/services'. You can check this setting by using the DB2 GET DATABASE MANAGER CONFIGURATION command.
  3. The return from the DB2 LIST NODE DIRECTORY command should include the TCPIP node that has been created.
  4. The return from the DB2 LIST DATABASE DIRECTORY should include the new alias created, and the directory type should be set to 'remote'. The return from this command should also include the TCPIP node.

If completing the preceding steps does not reveal a problem, you must re-catalogue the database.
To re-catalogue the database, enter the following commands, where 'test' and 'testdb' are your database names and their catalog names, respectively:
  1. DB2 UNCATALOG DB <test>'
  2. DB2 CATALOG DB <test> AS <testdb>
  3. DB2 CATALOG DB <testdb> AS <test> AT NODE LOCAL

DB2 APAR IY53874 also explains this error from a database perspective.

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SQL30081N TCPIP communication errors

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