IBM Content Integrator Version 8.5 information roadmap

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This roadmap describes the information resources available for installation and administration of IBM® Content Integrator, Version 8.5. The resources are organized according to the progression of key tasks.

IBM Content Integrator was renamed for version 8.5 only. This product was formerly known as IBM WebSphere® Information Integrator Content Edition.


Product overview

These documents provide a high-level introduction to Content Integrator and how you can use it for content integration.

IBM Content Integrator - Overview (Type: Marketing, Format: HTML)
This is the home page for Content Integrator. Overview material and brochures are available from this home page.

What's new in Content Integrator Version 8.5 (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
Learn about the new and enhanced functionality included in Version 8.5.


Before you install Content Integrator, carefully consider your content management environment and integration goals. Such planning facilitates performance, the best use of your resources, and helps you to avoid potential problems.

Content Integrator OmniFind Edition: Fast Track Implementation (Type: IBM Redbooks, Format: HTML or PDF)
This IBM Redbook provides a detailed description of OmniFind™ technology and documents the procedures for implementing it in a single-server Windows 2000 environment and a multiple-server AIX environment. Supported data sources include DB2, Oracle, Windows and UNIX® file systems, Web sites, news groups, DB2 Content Manager, Content Integrator, Lotus® Notes®, and Microsoft® Exchange.

Requirements for Content Integrator Content Edition Version 8.5 (Type: Technote, Format: HTML)
Before you install Content Integrator, ensure that you have the required software and a supported operating system.

Supported connectors and required versions of repositories for Content Integrator Version 8.5 (Type: Technote, Format: HTML)
Content Integrator provides connectors that enable access to a variety of content repositories. Each connector supports the specified versions of the associated repository.

Overview of installations (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
All WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition components can be installed on a single server or distributed across multiple servers to support the different system architecture requirements.


Install the prerequisites and components. These topics provide step-by-step instructions for installing Version 8.5.

Installing Content Integrator (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
This installation requires the fewest steps and provides access to all of the key Content Integrator features.


Starting Content Integrator (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
You can deploy Content Integrator on systems without the need of an application server. After you open the linked document, click the Show in Table of Contents in the toolbar above the topic to display the related Deploying task topics in the navigation pane.


Configuring connectors (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
Each supported repository has a corresponding connector that handles communication with that specific repository. Each connector has properties that you must set by using the administration tool.


Content Integrator security overview (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
Content Integrator provides four security models. Each connector supports one or more of these models:

  • Simple security
  • Advanced security
  • Enhanced security
  • Read security tokens


These documents provide basic reference for the included APIs and SPIs and guidance for developing your own connector.

Overview of APIs and SPIs (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
APIs and SPIs are provided for integration, subscriptions, virtual repositories, configuration, and Web services. After you open the linked document, click the Show in Table of Contents in the toolbar above the topic to display the specific API and SPI overview topics in the navigation pane.

Connector development overview (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
You can create a new connector or customize an existing connector.

Tuning and Administration

Administration tool overview (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
Content Integrator administration tool is used to configure connectors and repositories to work within your environment. The administration tool is a stand-alone Java™ application that can directly communicate with Content Integrator components.

Native content access methods (Type: Information Center, Format: HTML)
Content Integrator provides different methods to transfer native content of a document that is stored in an enterprise content management system between the client application and the connector. direct HTTP access or session pools.


These documents describe how to configure logging to capture messages and how to search for help and get fixes from IBM.

Logging overview (Type: Information center; Format: HTML)
You can configure logging to log problems at different severity levels and to send the messages to a different logging server.

Searching knowledge bases (Type: Information center; Format: HTML)
This article provides guidance and a starting point for searching for solutions to Content Integrator problems on and the Web.

Getting fixes (Type: Information center; Format: HTML)
This article provides guidance for finding and downloading fixes and setting up notification for future fixes.

Contacting IBM Software Support (Type: Information center, Format: HTML)
This article describes how to prepare for contacting IBM Software Support and how to contact IBM Software Support online or over the phone.

End of Support dates (Type: Other; Format: HTML)
This page provides dates when products go out of support. You can sort the list by product and by general availability date. You can subscribe to receive updates automatically.

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Send documentation feedback (Type: Other; Format: HTML)
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