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How to set "Extended Support Mode" in AppScan Standard

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How do you capture troubleshooting data by enabling Extended Support Mode in IBM Security AppScan Standard?


Extended Support Mode is a feature that allows AppScan Standard to save logs for a number of its activities.

After you set Extended Support Mode active, all logging is enabled in AppScan. When you deactivate it, all relevant data is packed into a .support file, which can be sent to your support engineer (uploaded to a support ticket) for further analysis.


Consult video How to collect troubleshooting logs in AppScan Standard or perform as follows:

  1. Start AppScan Standard and open your problematic scan.

  2. Set the extended support mode by selecting: Help > Support > Extended Support Mode

  3. Reproduce the issue

  4. Turn off the Extended Support Mode by selecting again: Help > Support > Extended Support Mode

    You will receive the Save Support Information dialog asking to Save the scan. Click on the Save button. Then you get the Save as dialog to save the .support file. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the .support file, give a file name, and save it.

    NOTE: If AppScan Standard crashes or hangs while reproducing the issue, consult technote #1642564: How to collect troubleshooting data for a crash or hang.

  5. Upload the .support file to your support ticket
    (as described in How to upload data to a support ticket).

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