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KUICAR020E while running tacmd addSystem from a Linux TEMS

Technote (troubleshooting)


While remote deploying a managed system on an existing OS agent from a Linux TEMS, you can get this error:
KUICAR020E: The addSystem command did not complete because a deployment error occurred.

Resolving the problem

The above error is caused by a wrong syntax of the tacmd addSystem command, and it can happen when your Universal Agent has more than one script file to be distributed.

An incorrect syntax is listed below:

tacmd addSystem -t um -n Primary:$1:NT -p UA.CONFIG=mdl-file UA.SCRIPT="script-file1,script-file2,script-file3,script-file4" UA.RESTART=Y

You get a failure telling you that tacmd command cannot deploy the scripts because it couldn't copy script-file1, to script-file2 in the directory of script-file3. script-file4 is just ignored.

The correct syntax is listed below:

tacmd addsystem -t um -n Primary:TIVOLITMR:NT -p UA.CONFIG=mdl-file
"UA.SCRIPT=script-file1,script-file2,script-file3,script-file4" UA.RESTART=Y

so you must enclose the UA.SCRIPT and the script files between double quotes.

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Modified date: 17 December 2015

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