WebSphere Portal SystemOut.log entry "com.ibm.wps.odc.convert.stellent.OutsideInExport ProxyConvertor..."

Technote (troubleshooting)


The WebSphere® Portal SystemOut.log contains an entry referencing "com.ibm.wps.odc.convert.stellent.OutsideInExport ProxyConvertor remoteHost : http://remotehostname:9080/dcs/dcs."


The full entry in the WebSphere Portal SystemOut.log shows:

[11:28:47:003 CET] 000000b1 SystemOut     O DocumentConvertorImpl.getConvertor() className :
[11:28:47:003 CET] 000000b1 SystemOut     O com.ibm.wps.odc.convert.stellent.OutsideInExport
[11:28:47:004 CET] 000000b1 SystemOut     O ProxyConvertor remoteHost :
[11:28:47:004 CET] 000000b1 SystemOut     O http://remotehostname:9080/dcs/dcs


This error occurs when remote document conversion services (DCS) is misconfigured.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem, use one of the following options:

Solution #1: Configure local DCS

Run the following command to end delegation of all file conversion services to a remote machine:

    <wp_root> /config/WPSConfig remove-conversion-delegation

Restart WebSphere Portal.

Solution #2: Configure remote DCS

Enable remove document coversion using the instructions in the Information Center topic "Enabling remote document conversion."

Next, run the following command to delegate all file conversion services to a remote machine:

    <wp_root> /config/WPSConfig delegate-all-conversions

Restart WebSphere Portal.

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