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IBM Tivoli zSecure Alert V1.9 is Available

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IBM Announces zSecure Suite V1.9, including zSecure Alert


On Tuesday, December 12, 2007, IBM announced the availability of the zSecure suite V1.9.

The IBM Tivoli zSecure V1.9 for z/OS suite consists of multiple modular components designed to help you administer your mainframe security server, monitor for threats, audit usage and configurations, and enforce policy compliance.

The Tivoli zSecure suite is a valuable part of managing mainframe security as a process that helps meet the needs of regulators, auditors, and the business itself. These offerings are the result of a long-term commitment to innovation on the mainframe and to enabling you to improve and simplify mainframe security audit and administration. Through a broad range of offerings, the Tivoli zSecure suite helps you address your key mainframe challenges.
    • Audit and compliance:
        • Report on questionable system options and dangerous settings of privileged users.
        • Measure and verify the effectiveness of mainframe security and security policies.
    • User and security administration:
        • Centrally manage and provision users, profiles, and resources.
        • Constantly monitor crucial users and data for misuse.
    • Security risk detection and avoidance:
        • Can reduce operational costs and achieve faster incident detection.
        • Generate alerts with instant reports about RACF, IBM System Management Facilities (SMF), IBM z/OS, IBM DB2, and the UNIX subsystem.
Audit, monitoring and compliance components help ease the burden of compliance audits, improve security and incident handling, and increase overall operational effectiveness. Offerings include zAlert.

Tivoli zSecure Alert offers a real-time mainframe threat monitoring solution that allows you to efficiently monitor intruders and identify misconfigurations that could hamper your compliance efforts. It goes beyond conventional intrusion detection solutions to support intrusion prevention by taking countermeasures via automatically generated commands. In addition, Tivoli zSecure Alert enables you to quickly determine unauthorized logons and attempts, user behavior that violates security policy, and when your core systems are at risk. With this information readily in hand, you can help identify misconfigurations before they can be exploited, while staying one step ahead of the auditors. This capability is provided for RACF and CA ACF2 environments.

For product documentation, refer to the InfoCenter:
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US Announcement Letter # - 207-338
Canada/LA Announcement Letter # - A07-2439
Europe/Middle East/Africa Announcement Letter # - ZP07-0513
Asia/Pacific Announcement Letter # - AP07-0338

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