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Collect troubleshooting data for a performance problem in WebSphere MQ for z/OS

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You are experiencing a performance problem in WebSphere MQ (WMQ) for z/OS.

The IBM Software Support Handbook states that analyzing performance is one of the activities that often require some form of Advance Support Offering. If analysis reveals a suspected defect in the product, you would like to know what documentation you must collect (MustGather) so that the WebSphere MQ Support team can diagnose your problem.


These instructions apply only to IBM MQ V8.0 and WebSphere MQ V7.1, V7.0.1, V7.0 and V6.0 on z/OS. Refer to the IBM MQ Read First page for instructions on other operating systems and to the MQ Performance Troubleshooting guide for self-help on this topic:

Resolving the problem

Please answer these questions about the problem and then follow the steps below:

  • What effect is the problem having, for instance high CPU or response delays?
  • When did the problem first occur?
  • Was software or hardware maintenance applied?
  • Is the problem a one time failure or reoccurring?
  • What are the names of the queue managers, queues, channels, or other jobs involved in the problem?
  • Have you reviewed the Troubleshooting link above?

Step 1: Generate Data

If the problem is reproducible or is happening right now, generate data to provide more information about the problem:

  1. Generate a GTF trace while the problem is happening.

  2. Generate a MSTR internal trace and capture it in a dump while the problem is happening.

  3. Generate a CHIN trace and capture it in the same dump with the MSTR trace while the problem is happening.

  4. If the network performance is in question, generate a z/OS TCP/IP packet trace and an MQ trace simultaneously at the other end of the channel while the problem is happening.

Step 2: Collect Data

  1. Record the version, release, and maintenance levels your software:
    • MQ: find the version in the CSQY000I message in the MSTR joblog
    • The z/OS operating system: find the version in the output of /D IPLINFO in SDSF
    • Any other products involved with the problem: look for the version in the joblog for the product

  2. Collect the MQ MSTR and CHIN joblogs. Optionally, collect the syslog.

  3. Collect the z/OS dump you generated when collecting the traces.

  4. Collect a z/OS LOGREC report.

Step 3: Send Data to IBM

  1. See Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support for instructions to FTP or email data using the IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep). Use the /toibm/mvs directory for uploading files.

  2. While the data is transferring, use the IBM Service Request tool or send an email to update your PMR with your description of the problem and of the data you are sending.

  3. Contact your country representative if you need to speak to an IBM technical support representative, or in the US call 1-800-IBM-SERV. Refer to the IBM Software Support Handbook for more information on working with IBM.

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