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FNMRPMAI abend unexpectedly when using NPM batch jobs

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When running reports, FNMRPMAI abends. Running NPM Batch job, FNMRPMAI, an ABENDS00C4 at x'C194' in FNMRPCNV may occur. AB/S0C4 +x'C194' / FNMRPCNV + 0000010A. Other unpredictable abends may occur.


IBM Tivoli NetView Performance Monitor indicates that incorrect output from NetView Performance Monitor (NPM) batch reports may be received if input data is in the wrong date and time order. This is true and data may be missed, skipped, or lost for any NPM report. The fact that the input data must be in chronological order is documented in the NPM Reference Manual.

It is also true that abends may be caused in the FNMRPCNV module if this condition occurs. An example would be if the following input concatenation is used with the netlog2 being at an earlier date/time than netlog1. This would put the date/time out of order and could cause an abend, either an 0c1 or 0c4 usually.


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565504300 R250 R260 R270 NPM NetView Performance Monitor NvPM NetPM NetviewPM NetworkPM

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More support for: Tivoli NetView Performance Monitor

Software version: 2.7

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1290535

Modified date: 2015-08-11