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LOGIC error 68 and message FNM799S. AB/S00C1 during initialization

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MSGFNM799S LOGIC68 and/or an abends00c1 may occur during initialization if the NPM supplied VTAM exits are incorrectly loaded during NPM initialization.


If FNMVHPXA module (NPM's VTAM PMI collector module), which is loaded and run by VTAM in VTAM's address space, is downlevel or is not consistent with NPM's maintenance level, unpredictable errors can occur during NPM initialization.

This is most like to occur due to administrator manually copying FNMVHPXA from NPM load module library (SFNMLMD1) to VTAMLIB, and then applying maintenance to FNMVHPXA later on, but forgetting to recopy the upgraded module back into VTAMLIB. This can also happen with FNMEXPRF.

Another way for this to occur is if the VTAM NPM LLIB concatenation points to an old, downlevel release, of NPM. VTAM will then load a downlevel FNMVHPXA, and random, unpredictable problems may occur.

Check VTAM proc to ensure the NPM target library, which is concatenated to VTAMLIB DD statement, is the correct one.

Also search through the entire VTAMLIB concatenation list, looking for any FNMVHPXA or ISTEXPRF, the two NPM lmods which are loaded and run by VTAM.

The official, supported method for VTAM to find these NPM modules, is for the correct NPM tlib (HLQ.MLQ.SFNMLMD1) to be concatenated to VTAMLIB DD statement.

NOTE: FNMVHPXA is the NPM module for collecting VTAM Performance Statistics, such as VTAM Channel Devices via commands like "VDEVCOLL". "ISTEXPRF" is the NPM module for collecting SESSION response time data, via "SESSCOLL" commands.

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More support for: Tivoli NetView Performance Monitor

Software version: 2.7

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1290472

Modified date: 2015-07-20