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How to synchronize online and offline password for DOLS

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How can you make sure that the online and offline passwords you use for an application enabled with Domino® Off-Line Services (DOLS) are synchronized? If you change the online password (the Internet Password) or your Lotus Notes® password, the offline password does not change.

Resolving the problem

Functionality to synchronize the Internet Password was added as a feature in DOLS and Domino Web Access 7.0 and later from enhancement request SPR# TDON6ARFSZ. To synchronize the DOLS online password and offline passwords (Internet Password), use these steps to set the option "Keep Internet Password synchronized":

1. Using the Lotus Domino Administrator client, open the Configuration Settings document for the server. Go to the Domino Web Access tab > Offline section. Set the option "Security Settings" to Enable as shown:

    Security Settings: Enable

2. Next you must update the Offline Configuration document. Open the database, for example, the Domino Web Access mail file, in the Notes client. Choose Actions - Edit Offline Configuration to open the document.

Go to the Admin Tab and select (check) the option as shown:
    Security settings : Keep Internet Password synchronized

3. To apply the changes, restart the HTTP task on the Domino server.

After this setup, when a Domino Web Access user (or user of a DOLS-enabled application) changes the online Internet Password, then the offline password is synchronized when the user clicks Start synchronization.

If you want to set this option for all DWA users, you can update the DWA template to set "Keep Internet Password synchronized" with a default of being selected. First, review information about changing templates in "Making modifications to Notes System Templates" (#7003134).

To update the DWA template, open the template in the Domino Designer client. Go to Shared Code -> Subforms, and open the subform "DOLS Configuration Settings." Go to the Admin tab, then set the default value of the field "SyncInternetpassword" to either "Keep Internet Password synchronized" or "1". Make this field Computed, and then save the subform.

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