Information Roadmap: IBM Global Name Analytics, Version 3.1

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This document will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to IBM Global Name Analytics, Version 3.1.



Overview of IBM Global Name Analytics (Type: Information center topics)
This set of topics describes the capabilities and key concepts of IBM Global Name Analytics, Version 3.1.

Overview of names and name matching (Type: Information center topics)
This set of topics describes the key concepts behind name management.


IBM Global Name Analytics Detailed System Requirements (Type: Site)
This product Web page provides links to each of the supported operating system environments that IBM Global Name Analytics currently supports. Use this information to ensure that you have the supported hardware and software in your environment.


IBM Training course catalog (Type: Site)
Use this Web site to search for possible courses for Global Name Recognition software.


Installing and configuring IBM Global Name Analytics (Type: PDF)
This document contains instructions for how to install and configure IBM Global Name Management.


Developing applications (Type: Information center topics)
Use the IBM Global Name Analytics information center to learn how to parse names, analyze names, and configure your environment using the APIs. It includes both task and conceptual information as well as detailed API reference information.

Troubleshooting and support

IBM Global Name Analytics Support (Type: Site)
This product Web site provides the latest news, fixes, and links to Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs), TechNotes or TechDocs, and other support information.

Troubleshooting Information (Type: Information center topics)
These topics describe the basic troubleshooting and support information for IBM Global Name Analytics.


Related products (Type: Site)
Review the other products in the Global Name Recognition portfolio.

Related solutions (Type: Site)
Review how IBM Global Name Analytics fits into the broader solution landscape.

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