Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 for DB Oracle and GPFS compatibility

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Database data are located on an external GPFS file system. Does ITM for Databases support Oracle running its data on GPFS?


ITM 6.1 Oracle agent officially doesn't support GPFS. However that doesn't mean it's not working on the GPFS system. We didn't go through the full test on GPFS before we release the product, we don't officially support GPFS.
If a customer has a non production machine to try, so long as the disk(s) appear to our application as logical disk(s), and we can read the files that we need to be able to read, such as the oracle alert log file, this environment is supported. If a problem is encountered, we can try to recreate in a non-GPFS environment to ensure that the problem is not due to GPFS.

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