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Versioning conventions for IBM Debugger and IBM Distributed Debugger for AIX

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IBM Debugger for AIX is the new brand name for IBM Distributed Debugger for AIX. IBM Debugger for AIX starts from V5.0 while the final release of IBM Distributed Debugger for AIX is version 9.2. There's no IBM Distributed Debugger for AIX, V9.3.

Resolving the problem

IBM Distributed Debugger for AIX shipped with XL C for AIX and XL C/C++ for AIX in versions prior to Version 8.0. Version 9.2 was its final release. The next release of the debugger was rebranded to IBM Debugger for AIX. It started its versioning from V5.0. Currently, it has three supported versions of V5.0, V6.0 and V6.1. IBM Debugger for AIX V5.0 comes with XL C for AIX and XL C/C++ for AIX V8.0. IBM Debugger for AIX V6.0 comes with XL C Enterprise Edition for AIX, V9.0 and XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition for AIX, V9.0. IBM Debugger for AIX V6.1 comes with XL C for AIX, V10.1 and XL C/C++ for AIX, V10.1.

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