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Build Forge Agent default port is 5555

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Why is the IBM® Rational® Build Forge® Agent installed on port 5556 when 5555 is the default port?


Default Agent Port

Build Forge is set to install the Agent on port 5555, but when that port is in use the install script is coded to set the Agent to the next available port automatically. The Agent can run on any open port, but for it to install on the default port (5555), then that port must be free at the time of installation.

For example, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 has added a new service, Personal Agent, that is set to run on port 5555. During the Build Forge Agent installation, if the Personal Agent is in use on 5555, then Build Forge Agent switches to the next available port.

Changing the Agent Port

When the Build Forge Agent is set to use a different port, you can change it to use 5555 by going into /etc/services/bfagent and modifying the port:

$ grep bfagent /etc/services
bfagent         5555/udp                        # Build Forge Agent
bfagent         5555/tcp                        # Build Forge Agent

Note: By modifying those lines, you can change the port to 5555 or any other available port.

More information on Changing the Agent Port, refer to IBM Rational Build Forge Installation Guide.

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