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Domino 8 server startup fails with 'An error occurred during license use management initialization'

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Attempts to start a Lotus® Domino® 8 server fail with the following error:

"An error occurred during license use management initialization. Ensure that you are running Domino with a valid license file".


This has been known to occur when two or more Domino servers are installed on the same machine, with at least one of them being Domino version 8.


The issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# LBUE72TR35.

1. Reinstall Domino 8 on top of the existing Domino 8 installation for which the error occurs.
2. Ensure that the files domino8.lic and nodelock are present in the Domino Data directory.

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More support for: IBM Domino

Software version: 8.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1282346

Modified date: 04 October 2010

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