TEPS configuration fails with completion code = 1

Technote (troubleshooting)


The itmcmd config -A cq command completes, but has a completion code of 1


After the itmcmd config -A cq command completes, the following two lines will be seen:

... InstallPresentation.sh completion code = 1
Agent configuration completed...

In the most recent *cq* log found in the <ITMHOME>/logs directory, you will see the following trace entries:

(4A5FACD6.0000-1778:ctsqlentrypoints.cpp,77,"CTSQLEntryPoints::prepareEntryPoints") Unable to load 'KfwSQLAdaptDB2', rc = 2
(4A5FACD6.0001-1778:ctsqlconnectionodbc.cpp,407,"CTSQLEvaluatorODBC_i::Connection::establishConnection") ERROR: Entry points are not loaded for 'TEPS'.
(4A5FACD6.0002-1778:ctsqlconnectionodbc.cpp,630,"CTSQLEvaluatorODBC_i::Connection::issueStatement") ERROR: unable to establish database connection to 'TEPS'
(4A5FACD6.0003-1778:ctpropertysequence.cpp,633,"CTPropertySequence::Dump")---> name = EXCEPTION: SQL Exception: accessElement = 0x5d2998,connection = 0x5b8858

Resolving the problem

The KfwSQLAdaptDB2 module cannot be loaded for three reasons:

1) The KfwSQLAdaptDB2 file does not exist under the <ITMHOME>/<arch>/cq/lib directory.

2) The KfwSQLAdaptDB2 file does not contain 777 or -rwxrwxrwx permissions

3) The LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable in the cq.config file from the <ITMHOME>/config directory is not referencing the correct DB2 libraries

Verify the first two steps. For the third step, edit the variable if the path is incorrect.

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