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Error running LS:DO agent on DB400 database: "Error 720: ls:do-odbc could not complete the requested operation"

Technote (FAQ)


When you pull data from a DB400 database using an LS:DO agent, the following error occurs after a certain amount of records are processed:

    "Error 720: ls:do-odbc could not complete the requested operation."


When you use an SQL statement to reference a string, you have to list the string in quotation marks. Some of the records in the DB400 data contained fields with names that were already in quotation marks. When the agent reached these records, it did not know how to process the extra quotations marks and would fail.


In this particular case, the developer altered the agent code to allow for the quotes in the DB400 database. After doing so, the agent was able to process the entire DB400 database without error.

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Software version: 6.0, 6.5, 7.0

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Reference #: 1279884

Modified date: 10 September 2009

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