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'tacmd configureSystem' command and use of 'INSTANCE=' parameter

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Does the ITM 6.1 'tacmd configureSystem' command for the database agent require the 'INSTANCE=' parameter for Oracle Sybase, MSSQL and DB2 agents?


The ITM 6.1.0 Administrator Guide. ( Revised December 2006 ) Page 121 Appendix A is incorrect:

CLI example
The following command reconfigures the universal agent on stone with the file_unix.mdl MDL file:

    tacmd configureSystem -m stone:UA -p UA.CONFIG="file_unix.mdl"

The following command reconfigures the errorlog parameter of the Sybase Server agent:
    tacmd configureSystem -m inst1:sybserver:OY -p INSTANCE=inst1 DBSETTINGS.db_errorlog=/opt/sybase/ASE-12_5/install/inst1.log

The following command reconfigures the run as entry for a DB2(R) agent:
    tacmd configureSystem -m db2inst1:db2server -p INSTANCE=db2inst1 _UNIX_STARTUP_.Username=db2inst1


The ITM 6.1 'tacmd configureSystem' command does not require 'INSTANCE=' parameter for Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, and DB2 agents.

For Example, the following command reconfigures 'db_login' parameter of oracle agent:

    tacmd configureSystem -m inst:system:ORA -p DBSETTINGS.db_login=myNewUser

Please note a special exception and current product limitation:

If 'CTIRA_SUBSYSTEM_ID' is defined to change the managed system name of target agent, the 'tacmd configureSystem' command will not work.

Error message will be:
    # ./tacmd configureSystem -m SUBTEST:system:ORA -p DBSETTINGS.db_login=test

    KUICCR014I: Configuring agent SUBTEST:system:ORA.
    KUICCR020E: The configureSystem command did not complete because an error occurred. Refer to the following error returned from the server:
    The monitoring server encountered an error while configuring the managed system.
    The kuiras1.log file may provide more information about this error. If you require further assistance resolving the error, contact IBM Software Support.
    The command /opt/TEST/bin/CandleAgent -h /opt/TEST -c -o SUBTEST stop or did not start or stop agent.
    The command returned a return code.
    Call IBM Support.

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IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Database Oracle Sybase MSSQL DB2 Agents

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