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Error 1904, Module failed to register. HRESULT 5

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains why the error Error 1904, Module failed to register. HRESULT 5 might occur when installing IBM® Rational® ClearCase® version 2003.06.00 on Microsoft® Windows®.


ClearCase installation fails with the following error:

"Error 1904.module c:\\Program                                        
Files\Rational\ClearCase\bin\ccclientsnode.dll failed to register.    
HRESULT 5."    

Note: The .dll may vary from error to error.


  1. This may be an operating system issue.

    A number of various Microsoft Knowledge Base articles include a list of causes including the following:

    *.dll not being correctly registered on the host system.
    *The file is not installed correctly.
    *The file is corrupted.

    Other programs, including memory-resident and anti-virus programs, are running may be using a version of the file.

    A dialog box may pop up with the options to click Cancel, Retry, or Ignore.
    The ClearCase install may also fail.

    If you click Cancel, a message appears asking whether you want to quit Setup.
    If you click Retry, the error message reappears.
    If you click Ignore, Setup continues but may not include all ClearCase components.

    The Microsoft C++ runtime library (msvcrt.dll) may be corrupted, or exist in multiple locations on the machine.

  2. The user performing the installation doesn't have the required administrative privileges to perform the installation.

Resolving the problem

Resolving Cause 1 above:

  1. Empty the Temp Directory.

    The Temp folder may contain files that are interfering with the installation of ClearCase. To remove these files, use the appropriate method for your operating system.

  2. Terminate any memory resident programs and Anti Virus software and attempt a reinstallation of ClearCase.

  3. Search the machine for all instances of msvcrt.dll. It should exist in <SystemRoot>\system32\. If there are duplicates that exist in other locations, check to see if those locations are in the System PATH. If so, temporarily remove those locations from the path and retry the installation.

Resolving Cause 2 above:

Add the user performing the installation to the local administrators group or log on as a user who has administrative privileges on the local host and retry the installation.

Review the ClearCase Installation and Upgrade Guide on the topic of Installing servers and clients for more information.

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