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Users can still connect to a server that has SERVER_RESTRICTED set

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You notice that issuing a "show users" command on a server with SERVER_RESTRICTED set shows some users with active sessions. These users are not server administrators. Why is this occurring?


Putting a server in a restricted state using the SERVER_RESTRICTED notes.ini parameter prevents non-administrators from opening databases on the server. It does not prevent replication. A user can work out of a local replica and establish a session on the server using background replication without being denied access due to the restricted state.

Beginning with Domino versions 8.5.2 Fix Pack 3 and 8.5.3, the SERVER_RESTRICTED notes.ini parameter includes the additional functionality. See the following excerpt from the Fix List description for SPR# MIAS8A2HUH:

    "Added server_restricted=3 and server_restricted=4 which act like setting 1 and 2, but also block all replication that is not coming from an ID for an administrator."

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