SPB Troubleshooting

Technote (troubleshooting)


With the addition of TCA, SPB management can be a difficult task.


The familiar TCM SWD CLI environment is still used as part of the subagent code in TPM.

Resolving the problem

Understanding a few basic concepts of the subagent SWD CLI can help when trying to resolve SPB installation problems.

1. When an SPB is submitted for Publish or Install, none Deployment Request ID will be created. The SPB task is initiated in SDI and does not get processed by the DE as a normal workflow.

2. Check if the SDI job was submitted successfully. Review the $TIO_LOGS/activityplan/console.log on the TPM Server to determine if any errors were encountered.

3. On the endpoint, review the <ep_install_dir>/logs/rcp.log.# to check if a job was received for processing. Debug must be turned on to see the following: INFO: JES023I Processing job: name = SPBInstall, requestId

To increase logging level on endpoint, edit the file

Set the .level property to ALL
Then stop and start the agent by running:
    endpoint stop
    endpoint start

Note: The following possible job states when reviewing Job Status in the activityplan/console.log
    • JOB_STATE_FAIL = 8;

4. How to see what SPBs have been installed on an endpoint:
- <ep_install_dir>/runtime/agent
- agentcli spbhandler state -n *

5. If you are getting an error when pushing an SPB: "com.ibm.tivoli.tpm.osgi.service.FileManagementException: Error while attempting file transfer"
Make sure that your SPB package name adheres to the following:
  • all ASCII characters may be used except:
  • The wildcard characters ″*″ and ″? ″
  • Punctuation marks other than the dot used to separate tokens
  • Speech marks (″ ’) – Spaces or carets (^), other than a caret used to separate name and version
  • .dup@ or .tmp@ character sequence in the name or version
  • parentheses

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