Setting up a server for use with the Viewer

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For solutions that involve the Viewer accessing forms from a server, you must set up your server as follows.


When you set up your server, make sure you map the XFDL form file extensions (.xfdl and .xfd) to the MIME type for XFDL forms (application/vnd.xfdl). You need to enter this map in the same file you enter all other MIME type maps. This file is different for each kind of Web server. (For example, some products place this information in a configuration file, others place it in a MIME types file, and still others place it elsewhere.)
If your system uses a proxy server for Internet access, make sure you also set up the proxy server to allow the transmission of XFDL forms. The file extensions for XFDL forms are .xfdl and .xfd, and the MIME type is application/vnd.xfdl.

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