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How to correct zSecure Command Verifier 'MODULE NOT FOUND' error message?

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I've completed the SMP/E install of Command Verifier and RC=0 was returned for the RECEIVE, APPLY and ACCEPT steps.

But when I try to use Command Verifier I get a 'MODULE NOT FOUND' error message. What did I do wrong?


Missing C4RMAIN module.


Note: the FMID's shown are 'generic', where the last 3 characters of the FMID relate to the specific version, release and modification level, "vrm".

The scenario: you've already received, applied and accepted Admin and Audit. You're now ready to install Command Verifier. But you notice in the RECEIVE, APPLY and ACCEPT JCL that it includes FMID HC4Rvrm- which was already done with the Admin and Audit install. So you decide to remove HC4Rvrm from the Command Verifier SMP/E JCL and to only work with JC4Rvrm.

Unfortunately, doing this will cause C4RMAIN to be omitted from the SC4RLNK dataset that is created as part of the Command Verifier install, since JC4Rvrm does not contain the code for C4RMAIN, the primary program for Command Verifier.

You can fix this by re-running the APPLY and ACCEPT with a REDO and including HC4Rvrm.

Better yet, don't remove it and run the JCL as is, with both FMIDs:

//SMPCNTL  DD *                                                          
 SET     BOUNDARY (GLOBAL).          /* Set to GLOBAL zone */  
 RECEIVE SOURCEID(C4R)               /* Assign sourceid    */  
         SELECT(HC4Rvrm,JC4Rvrm)     /* The CV FMIDs       */  
         SYSMODS                     /* Any type of sysmod */  
         FORFMID(HC4Rvrm,JC4Rvrm).   /* The CV FMIDs       */

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