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Tuning SDI for faster tasks

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The default timing for SDI tasks is geared for large environments of N,000 endpoints. For dev, testing or lab environments it may be desirable to tune SDI for faster task processing.


Target times for an SDI job can be estimated based on the following algorithm:

2* (DMS Federated Polling period)
+ Endpoint JES Polling Period
+ actual job runtime
+ dcm import time
= Total Time for SDI job to complete

Out of the box this would be close to 1 hour and 30 minutes for even a basic inventory scan.

If endpoint JES polling is set down to 5 minutes and DMS federated polling period is still the default 10 minutes then the job can take:

2*10 + 5 + 2 + 2 = ~29 minutes

There are 2 changes to ensure an SDI job completes in about 10 minutes or less:
1. Change the DMS federated polling from a 10 minute interval to 2 minutes
- this variable is stored in WAS and is called DMS_FEDERATED_AGENT_POLL_INTERVAL_IN_MINUTES

    2. Change the JES endpoint polling interval from 60 minutes to 5 minutes:
      It can be changed in on the endpoint, or, prior to agent install on the TCA-Subagent JES configuration template of the TCA stack.
      - stop the agent
      - backup the ../ep/runtime/agent/subagents/
      - make a change to the PollingInterval value, for example, PollingInterval=00\:05, would be 5 minutes
      - start the agent
    Or change the JES endpoint polling interval using a workflow method directly from TPM, JES_Parameter_Set. The workflow takes three parameters:
    device id = #####
    parameter name = PollingInterval
    parameter value = 00:05
    You can build this workflow into a Favorite Task or Provisioning Task Definition and run it against groups of computers.

    See links below for assistance on changing the polling intervals.

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    Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 5.1.1
    Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 5.1.1

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    tpmfsw tpmsw itito itpm itio

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    Modified date: 13 November 2013

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