AMQERR*.LOG Message exclusion and suppression for MQ on iSeries

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How do you exclude or suppress message from the WebSphere MQ for iSeries error logs?


Messages can be excluded or suppressed from the error logs (AMQERR*.LOG) by configuring the QMErrorLOG stanza in the qm.ini file.

Message Exclusion and Suppression

New (qm.ini) configuration parameters which allow certain error messages to be:

  • Excluded - where no messages matching the specified message IDs are written.
  • Suppressed - where only the first message matching one of the specified message ids is written during the configured time interval. At the end of a given interval, messages containing the IDs of repeated suppressed messages will be written.

Messages that can be excluded or suppressed:

AMQ7163 - Job started message (AS/400 only)
AMQ9001 - Channel program ended normally
AMQ9202 - Remote host not available
AMQ9209 - Connection closed
AMQ9508 - Cannot connect to Queue Manager
AMQ9528 - User requested closure of channel
AMQ9999 - Channel program ended abnormally
AMQ7234 - Number of messages loaded
AMQ9002 - Channel program started
AMQ9208 - Error on receive from host
AMQ9228 - Cannot start channel responder
AMQ9524 - Remote queue manager unavailable
AMQ9558 - Remote channel is not available

Example usage of these tags:
You want to prevent any channel started or channel stopped messages.
You want to suppress any repeated 'Cannot connect to Queue Manager' messages for an interval of 30 seconds.

Add the following to the qm.ini configuration file:

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