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WEMPe port problems during installation and configuration using DB2

Technote (troubleshooting)


During installation and configuration, some scripts may fail or hang because the DB2 listener port is specified incorrectly.


During installation and configuration of WEMPE some scripts may hang or terminate. "Build failed" messages are logged.


When creating the MCS database on DB2, users are instructed to start the JDBC applet net driver listener on port 6789 using the command "db2jstrt 6789." If this port is not running, or if the default DB2 port of 50000 is used when running commands such as mcsImport, the commands can hang or fail.


This applies to WEMPe installations on DB2 only.

Resolving the problem

When running scripts that are accessing the MCS database, verify that the listener on port 6789 is up. If the listener port is up, then verify command-line parameters and properties files to ensure that the DB port number is set to 6789.

You can find more information on this subject in the Information Center, Troubleshooting installation, configuration, and uninstall problems.

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Modified date: 11 September 2007

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