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You are using Attribute Based Administration in IBM WebSphere® Portal in order to implement Visibility rules. However, you want to use attributes in your LDAP that are not yet defined in WebSphere Portal. Is this supported? If so, how can it be implemented?


Usage of attributes not yet defined in WebSphere Portal is supported with Attribute Based Administration. The following procedure assumes you have already added your desired attribute to your LDAP server and security is already enabled on WebSphere Portal:
1. Define the attribute(s) in WebSphere Member Manager (WMM) via the wmmAttributes.xml and wmmLDAPServerAttributes.xml files. These files are located in <WP_root>/wmm. You can use existing attributes in the files as a template for defining your desired attributes. If modifying these files in a cluster, use the check-in/check-out procedure.

2. Add any attributes to the <WP_root>/shared/app/config/services/ file that you do NOT want to display in the Personalization Rule Editor:,pager,roomNumber. . .

3. Restart the Portal server.

4. Confirm that the desired attributes now display in the Personalization Rule Editor.

NOTE: If you are using LookAside or a database repository to store your attributes, you must use the attributeLoader tool to insert the attributes into the database.

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