New Zealand daylight saving time information for WebSphere InterChange Server and Toolset

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This document provides information for addressing the impact of daylight saving time (DST) changes for New Zealand, which is effective in September 2007, on IBM WebSphere InterChange Server and Toolset.


New Zealand has extended DST, which is effective in September 2007. See the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs official announcement.
This document provides details on the steps necessary to prepare InterChange Server and Toolset for changes in the New Zealand DST rules, which are effective in September 2007.

WebSphere InterChange Server and Toolset, versions 4.3.0.x, can be fixed using the IBM Java™ Time Zone Update Utility (JTZU) to update the Java runtime environments (JREs) and software development kits (SDKs). JTZU version 1.3.7f has been updated to resolve the DST change for New Zealand, which took effect in September 2007.

If you use InterChange Server and Toolset, you must use the JTZU, version 1.3.7f or later, to apply updated time zone information to your JREs and SDKs to prevent runtime problems. To use the JTZU tool, follow these steps:

  1. Review the following information:
    FAQ: IBM Time Zone Update Utility for Java
  2. Download the utility from IBM developerWorks: IBM Time Zone Update Utility for Java
  3. Run the utility.

Other useful information about Java and DST:

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