User redirected to WCM URL instead of protected WebSphere Portal page

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When an anonymous user navigates to Web Content Management™ (WCM) content and then logs into the IBM WebSphere Portal® server, the user is redirected to a WCM URL instead of the standard redirection to a protected page in WebSphere Portal.


Using the protected URL /myconnect from the public space.

Diagnosing the problem

-- Collect HTTP header logging.

-- Collect Engine tracing.

Resolving the problem

The HTTP header logging and Engine tracing shows that the "rightlinks_back.gif" image in one of the public JSPs is included in the protected scope:

GET /wps/wcm/myconnect/c7b3f680452d8d03ab38ffe1318cc2ca/rightlinks_back.gif? MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=c7b3f680452d8d03ab38ffe1318cc2ca

For JSPs that run in the public space, the URL to load static content should be loaded from the public context as well. This must be corrected in the JSP tag that includes this image file. After making the correction, "anonymous" will be redirected to the protected Portal page when logging into WebSphere Portal after browsing the public WCM content.

The HTTP header log will now show:

GET /wps/wcm/connect/c7b3f680452d8d03ab38ffe1318cc2ca/rightlinks_back.gif? MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=c7b3f680452d8d03ab38ffe1318cc2ca

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