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Report the Started Tasks from the static Started Procedures Table (ICHRIN03).

Technote (troubleshooting)


Create a CARLa report to show the Started Task definitions from the static Started Procedures Table (ICHRIN03).

Resolving the problem

If you only want to report the STC's from the SPT (ICHRIN03) this can be accomplished by only selecting all reported STC's with '3' reported in position 7 of the column "Flags", since this indicates that the reported STC is derived from the SPT:

Run the following CARLa commands in a batch job or from the zSecure Admin Command panels.
A CKFREEZE file is required.

exclude class=STARTED key=(**,*)
newlist type=report_stc, name=STCPROT, unrestricted,
 t='Started task overview', detailsuminherit, required,
 sumhelppanel=ckrtstc@ helppanel=ckrtstc@,
 detailhelppanel=ckrtstc@ esm=RACF license=(racf,audit)
 select substr(flags,7,1)=3
define hdr_d('d',1,flag) boolean where profile=N
display  pageby(nondispl,key) order(nondispl,key),
         procname(key,pas) userid flags(7) |,
         protected(' ' blank$str('u')),
         group subsys(more) hidden('h',hdr$blank,more) concat(more),
         ispf_date ispf_userid,
         profile uacc volser dsn('Dataset')
define  count('Count' 5)     count
summary complex(key,pas) system(key,pas,8) stamp count

Primary input for this report are the procedures in the proclibs that can be used as a started task.
If no procedures are present in proclibs which are defined in ICHRIN03 and are not defined in the STARTED class, nothing is selected.
The first line: exclude class=STARTED key=(**,*)
is to exclude the generic definition of ** or * in the started class, without this exclude nothing is selected because ** or * would cover all procedures that do not have a more specific definition.

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Security IBM Security zSecure Audit for RACF z/OS Version Independent Enterprise

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