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The Approver Log for a document in a Lotus® Domino® Document Manager library is empty when you view it using a Web browser. The Lotus Notes® client shows the Approver Log with date and comments.


This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# HMON73EKVU. The problem is difficult to reproduce and does not occur in every environment. The problem occurs because a formula used in the AprvLog field in the DocumentWeb form of the File Cabinet template does not check for NULL values. If a value is NULL, the formula should revert back to the AprvPrevious field instead of passing the NULL.
To correct the problem, make the changes outlined below to the AprvLog field.

1. Make sure a backup of the File Cabinet template (filecab.ntf) exists.

2. Use the Lotus Domino Designer client to change or add code in the following elements:

    a. Open the File Cabinet template.
    b. Edit to the "DocumentWeb" form.
    c. Change the formula of the "AprvLog" field by adding the line in bold text.
      tempRejectedBy := "Rejected by:";
      tempApprovedBy := "Approved by:";
      tempDate := "Date:";
      tempHyphen := "-";
      temp := @Unique(@DbLookup("":"NoCache";""; "(MappedGroupMembersCache)";AprvPrevious; 2));
      temp := @If(@IsNull(temp);AprvPrevious;temp);
      tempName := @If(@IsError(temp);@Name([Abbreviate] ; AprvPrevious);@Name([Abbreviate] ; temp));
      @Replace(AprvLogAction ; "0" : "1" ; tempRejectedBy : tempApprovedBy ) + " " + tempName + " " + tempHyphen + " " + tempDate + " " + AprvLogTextDate + @NewLine + AprvLogComment

3. Verify that the above changes to the template were made by the appropriate Domino Document Manager Administrator ID. If they were not, of if there is any doubt, sign the template with the appropriate Administrator ID.

4. As usual, after making the above changes to the template on the server, enter "Load Design" on the server console to roll out the changes immediately, or wait for the scheduled Design update process to refresh the design of each file cabinet.

Note: These steps assume you are familiar with using the Domino Designer client and experienced with application development.

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