WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable Support Statement Addendum-Unsupported Products

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This list provides information regarding all known "Unsupported Products" as discussed in the WebSphere® Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable Support Statement in the version 6.0 Information Center. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. In the absence of an explicit listing of a product and unless told otherwise by the Everyplace Mobile Portal Support team, customers should assume that the status of the product is unknown and that the product may be incompatible with Everyplace Mobile Portal.


An "Unsupported Product" is a product (at a specified version, release and fix level) that is known to not work with Everyplace Mobile Portal and is therefore not supported. A product can be included in this category as a result of an explicit test effort by Everyplace Mobile Portal Development or as a result of discovery from a prior customer problem. While newer versions, releases, or fix packs of WebSphere Portal may initially be on the Unsupported Products list, this may change in a future release of Everyplace Mobile Portal as Everyplace Mobile Portal depends upon WebSphere Portal interfaces and must always be tested with specific versions, releases, or fix packs of WebSphere Portal prior to claiming support.

This list will be updated as needed to include the most current information available. Status of Unsupported Products is subject to change at any time depending upon development efforts. At the time of this writing, the following products are not supported with Everyplace Mobile Portal version 6.0:

    • Microsoft Windows® Vista® is not yet a tested or supported client platform.
    • Oracle® Type 2 (or OCI) drivers
    • IBM® WebSphere® Portal, V6.0.1,
    • IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, V6.1
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server Deployment Manager, V6.1
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, V6.1
    • IBM 64-bit WebSphere Application Server, version 6.0.1 or 6.0.2*
    • IBM Java™ SDK version 1.5
    • IBM DB2® Universal JDBC Driver
    • IBM DB2 Legacy JDBC Type 4 Driver (Type 2 is fully supported)

Be mindful of the supported platforms for WebSphere Process Server, for that may limit the choice of platforms possible when the portal is deployed with the Process Server. WebSphere Portal may support more or different platforms than any particular version of the Process Server. Proper planning must be considered before installing them together. WebSphere Portal was tested only on platforms supported by the specific Process Server fix maintenance level documented in each release of WebSphere Portal's InfoCenter, so any additional platforms supported by subsequent releases of the Process Server will be untested until the next full test cycle of WebSphere Portal in conjunction with a service release.

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