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How to view multiple phone numbers from the Sametime Business Card

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Your Sametime® users have multiple phone numbers and need to display this contact information within the Business Card feature of Sametime Connect client. By default, the Business Card only displays the office phone number.


If the Sametime server is configured to use Domino® directory over NRPC for user look-ups, the following fields from the Person document can be added to the Business Card display:

  • CellPhoneNumber (for mobile phone)
  • PhoneNumber_6 (for pager number)

The Sametime server contains a server-side application named UserInfo that is capable of retrieving multiple values for a user detail Item. To enable this retrieval of multiple phone numbers per user, log into the Sametime web administration user interface:
  1. Select Configuration -> Business Card Setup.
  2. In the field "Attribute Value" that corresponds to the Telephone attribute, you can include the following field names:
  • Telephone (office phone number)
  • CellPhoneNumber (mobile phone number)
  • PhoneNumber_6 (pager phone number)

Note: You must separate these attribute values by a comma ( , ).

Restart the Sametime/Domino server and reconnect Sametime Connect 7.5.1. The Business Card information contains all phone numbers stored for each specific user separated by a blank space.

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